10 Heartwarming Stories That’ll Uplift Your Spirits

Flightless Pigeon Bonds With Paralyzed Chihuahua

Lundy is unable to move his hind legs due to swimmer’s syndrome while Herman has an untreatable neurological disorder. The Mia Foundation’s founder, Sue Rogers, put them together, and they bonded immediately. The foundation has received thousands of dollars in donations since posting the dynamic duo on social media.

A $2,500 Tip Leaves Restaurant Workers In Tears

Due to restaurant closures, The Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, OH was preparing to shut down before one loyal patron left a $2,500 tip for a $29.75 check. Yes, you read that right! The patron requested to remain anonymous and for the tip to be split evenly amongst the staff. What an unbelievable act of kindness!

Two-Legged Dog Wants To Be The Next Cadbury Bunny

Lieutenant Dan is on track to become the Cadbury mascot. His fellow competitors include two cats named Eggbert and Lunchbox, a llama named Conswala, and a pig named Ducksong. Assuming he wins, he’ll receive $5,000 and star in a Cadbury commercial.

Chicago Volunteers Are Delivering Seniors Vital Response Packages

Jahmal Cole, the founder of My Block, My Hood, My City, is working with volunteers to deliver toiletries, food, hand sanitizer, and supplements to seniors and the disabled in his neighborhood. Cole’s team takes direct action in communities that may feel they’ve been forgotten during difficult times.

13-Year-Old Makes Bowties For Shelter Animals

Not all heroes wear capes. Darius Brown was heartbroken over the number of animals without homes and vowed to help as many as possible get adopted. He figured cats and dogs would look extra spiffy with bowties – and he was right. He has sewn over 500 bowties and helped over 100 pets find a forever home.

9-Year-Old Paints For Animal Charity

Pavel Abramov paints exquisite animal portraits in exchange for food and supplies to donate to a local animal shelter. After losing his four-legged friend, Abramov couldn’t ignore the strays on the streets of his hometown. He wants to become an architect and build a huge animal shelter in the future. Kudos, Pavel!

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#добраякисть Привет, друзья👋 Эта история, конечно же о любви❤️о взаимной любви между человеком и маленьким беззащитным существом🐾и о судьбе, которая не случайно знакомит нас друг с другом🐶 Знакомьтесь, это Яся🐶 Жизнь этой крохотной таксы началась негладко😔Из всей своей семьи она единственная чудом осталась жива. Яся—щенок, которого принесли в клинику на усыпление😢 Так она осталась в семье прекрасного ветеринарного врача🙏 Какое счастье, что есть такие люди🙏спасающие маленькие жизни❤️каждый день. Яся прожила счастливую собачью жизнь и осталась в сердцах и памяти своих близких людей светлым лучиком☀️озорной малышкой, которую дважды чуть не утащил ястреб☺️за которым она сама гонялась. Множество тёплых воспоминаний❤️пусть пополнит ещё и портрет с частичкой нашей бесконечной благодарности добрым людям🙏 Светлана, заказ исполнен👌

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Italians Sing From Their Balconies To Lift Spirits

Italians aren’t letting the quarantine dampen their moods. Several joined on their balconies and from windows with instruments to perform and sing. Regardless of the musical choice, it served as a much-needed morale boost. 

Japanese Students Host Graduation On Minecraft

Amidst school closures, some Japanese students hosted a virtual auditorium with diplomas, speeches, and festivities in honor of their graduation. The kids spent the day online playing games and laughing. What a great way to brighten their day! 

Shedd Aquarium’s Penguins Go On A Field Trip

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has been closed to the general public, but this has allowed Edward and Annie to go on an adorable field trip. In a series of short vids posted on Twitter, the pair explored the facility one week before their nesting season. Can you imagine having Edward and Annie as your aquarium tour guides?  

You Can Tour 2,500 Museums In The Comfort Of Your Home

Google Arts & Culture has partnered with 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to provide virtual tours. The virtual tour allows you to wander the interior similar to the Google Street View feature. So, FaceTime your bestie and take a virtual museum or gallery tour. Don’t forget to take FaceTime selfies!

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#GuessWhere @uffizigalleries

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