Why TikTok Is The New Instagram

Lately, it seems like TikTok is taking over the internet. Teens absolutely love it, and we’re seeing new forms of content on the app daily. With more downloads in 2019 than Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, TikTok is the new king in town. But why is it so popular? And why is it surpassing our once-beloved Instagram app?

It’s Pretty Hilarious

The purpose of most TikTok videos is to make someone laugh or entertain them in some way.  TikTok users are all about positive vibes and keeping things goofy (unlike other apps that can often feel competitive and all about comparison). TikTok is less about showing off how cool your life is, and more about making others smile!

You Feel Like A Legit Creator

The app is much more interactive than its competitors. You’re able to select from a huge range of songs and almost anyone over the age of 5 can figure out how to make a video on it. It’s super easy to customize your content, so your videos feel pretty legit.

Everyone Can Use It

While it’s definitely most popular among Generation Z, older creators excel on the platform, too! Whether you’re 17 or 71, you belong on TikTok. The community is also super supportive – users love watching content regardless of its creators age or looks.

Video + Audio = 😍

Videos in general are much more interesting to look at than photos. The app requires little to no reading, so it’s an excellent brain-rest. Additionally, the video content often revolves around songs that go viral – so you’re involving not just your eyes, but your ears as well. Recreating video over shared audio is a fun and creative way to show self expression, rather than relying on the impact of a single photo to express yourself.

The Curation Is Spot On

The “For You” page is one of the best things about the app. The mysterious and powerful TikTok algorithm always provides content that you as an individual will enjoy. You also don’t even need an account to view the videos! 

Sharing Is Super Simple

Sharing on TikTok is way easier than on most other apps. By selecting the share button, you can share on multiple platforms with as many people as you want. You can also easily share within the app by tagging your friends or private messaging a clip to them directly.

While we definitely still love our Instagram posts, TikTok is really changing the game for us. We love how much fun the app is and we can’t wait to see what changes come to it!

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