Celebrities Who Left The Spotlight

After constant media attention, these stars chose to walk away from the spotlight in favor of a more private life.

Meghan Markle + Prince Harry

If you’ve seen the news lately, you know that Meghan and Harry are stepping back from the royal family to focus on their family and Meghan’s career. The couple’s controversial decision caused quite a stir in the media.

Lindsay Lohan

We still hear from her occasionally, but, in general, Lindsay has taken a big step back from the limelight. Lohan moved to Dubai with her bf, but recently announced she plans to return to the U.S. to manage her sister Ali’s career and return to music.

Jack Gleeson

Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson gave up acting after playing Joffrey Baratheon for multiple seasons. After wrapping his role, he went on to study theology and philosophy at Trinity College in Dublin.

Mary Kate + Ashley Olsen

While they’re still famous, the twins have turned to much more behind-the-scenes roles. They swapped acting for fashion and have had great success in their new chosen field.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale isn’t really acting, but she is a full on social media maven. Her accounts boast millions of followers and that’s her main focus at the moment.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes took a hiatus from acting after a major breakdown. She graduated from fashion school last year and recently announced her engagement. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

JTT was a household name and iconic heartthrob throughout his childhood and teenage years. He quit acting for a while, went to college, and lived like a normal person.

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan finished his degree in video game design at NYU in 2015 and opened a meadery in Brooklyn in 2018. After a long hiatus, Dylan has recently dipped his toe back into acting – and is even set to appear in After sequel, After We Collided, later this year.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen started acting as a child and continued to do so throughout her teens. After finishing Gossip Girl, she gave up her acting career to pursue singing in a rock band. It worked! She’s still performing with her band, The Pretty Reckless. 

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