16 Moments From “TATB: P.S. I Still Love You” That Absolutely Wrecked Us

The “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” sequel finally hit Netflix, and we are currently dealing with a lot of feelings…

Lara Jean’s dad missing her mom.

 Watching him stare at the portrait of her on the mantle? We couldn’t take it. We were elated when he starts seeing Mrs. Rothschild (and even invites her to Fakesgiving!).

Lara Jean and John Ambrose’s childhood bond.

Everything from the way Little John Ambrose looks at Little Lara Jean while they’re reading to their matching punny Halloween costumes had us prepped to sob from act one.

Peter’s gift to Lara Jean.

He not only gives Lara Jean a necklace and poem in the place they first kissed, but he also calms her insecurities about not getting a singing Valentine. Cute!

Lara Jean’s realization.

Finding out Peter’s poem was plagiarized from Edgar Allen Poe…  really Peter??

Lara Jean’s insecurities about Gen.

Seeing Gen pop up in Lara Jean’s head and IRL to tell her she has a reason to be jealous – and that she’s not a good girlfriend – is painful to watch.

Lara Jean’s overwhelming confusion.

We could totally relate to Lara Jean’s confusion when she imagines both Peter and John Ambrose asking her which of their letters was more intense and can’t decide.

The Big Giant Fight at the treehouse.

John Ambrose finding out that Lara Jean is dating Peter, and Peter finding out that Lara Jean didn’t tell John Ambrose about their relationship, and Peter inviting Gen along— We’re sweating again just thinking about how tense it got.

John Ambrose telling Lara Jean she’s the reason for his name.

“I met you and you called me John Ambrose and said it was cool we both went by our first and middle names. I didn’t wanna correct you. I liked how we had something in common. So I started telling people to call me John Ambrose.” RT if you cried.

Lara Jean dressing up for Peter’s game.

… Only to find out he’d been talking to Gen behind her back. Between Lara Jean learning that Peter was actually waiting for Gen in the hot tub that night and Peter’s reaction when she says it’s over, this fight outside the bus was honestly too real for us.

The promise.

Peter saying “we promised we wouldn’t break each other’s hearts” to Lara Jean before getting on the bus… We can’t.

LJ returning the necklace.

At the aquarium, too?! Being sad around fish is our entire aesthetic and this was still too much for us.

Lara Jean and Gen’s treehouse chat.

Seeing LJ overcome her insecurities about Gen, connecting with her over their past friendship, and even finding out Gen kept her friendship bracelet too— we were so proud! 

John Ambrose checking on LJ post-breakup.

We know John Ambrose likes Lara Jean, so the fact that instead of making a move he just wants to make sure she’s okay is perfect.

Lara Jean kissing John Ambrose.

… And realizing she’d rather be kissing someone else. Our hearts broke for John Ambrose, but at this point we just can’t wait for Lara Jean to get back with Peter!

Stormy’s advice.

“That’ll hurt like hell.” This is what Stormy tells Lara Jean when she asks what will happen if Peter doesn’t want to get back together, and we get to watch as Lara Jean decides it’s worth it.

Peter’s telling Lara Jean to break his heart.

“Break my heart, Covey.  Break my heart into a thousand pieces. Do whatever you want.” Peter tells her, saying it’s worth getting hurt as long as they’re together. We cried.

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