56% of Teens Hate Valentine’s Day

How else do they feel about today’s dating culture? We surveyed over 250,000 Gen-Zs to find out.

They enjoy dating.

68% of teens prefer being in a relationship over living the single life.

They want to meet the old-fashioned way.

94% of Gen-Zs would rather meet a significant other through friends than use a dating app.

They prioritize family.

59% answered that they would currently prefer to spend holidays with their families over a significant other.

They care about kindness.

75% of teens chose this trait in a partner over intelligence (17%), looks (6%), or money (2%).

They wouldn’t mind the spotlight.

68% answered that they would “definitely” date someone super famous.

They want kids.

A whopping 82% answered that they plan to have kids at some point in the future.

Their relationships are short-lived.

68% admitted that their longest relationship had lasted 0-1 years, 17% made it to 1-2 years, 10% lasted 2-4 years, and 5% had been in a relationship for 4+ years.

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