8 Things We Learned About Taylor Swift in “Miss Americana”

Swift offered us an unprecedented look into her world with her new Netflix documentary. Here’s what we learned in “Miss Americana.”

The 2009 VMAs were a turning point for her.

The famous Kanye incident took a huge toll on the star. “At the time I didn’t know they were booing Kanye. I thought they were booing me.” Swift was just 17 at the time and felt like she didn’t actually belong in the music industry.

She puts chips into her burritos.

Her reasoning? “Extra crunch.” She explains the bold choice to her producer Joel Little as she also reveals that she didn’t eat burritos until two years ago. How?!

She values her privacy a lot.

She’s kept her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, her muse for several songs on “Lover,” extremely close to the vest. “It’s our happiness without anyone else’s input,” she says.

She has a cat backpack.

Taylor transports her cat in one of those spaceship backpacks with a cat peephole. That’s it. That’s the fact.

She got into politics after her sexual assault trial.

Taylor’s 2017 case against radio DJ David Mueller for groping her in 2013 is what drove her to get involved in politics. In 2018, she took to Instagram to mobilize her following to register and vote in the midterm elections. Over 65,000 individuals registered in the 24 hours after Swift’s post.

She faced pressure not to speak on politics.

In the doc, we see Swift arguing with male team members, including her father, who worry about the fallout over her decision to speak out. Taylor refuses to be silenced, articulating “I need to be on the right side of history.”

She suffered from disordered eating.

Swift says she avoids looking at too many photos of herself because it can be triggering, and she works hard to avoid going down that road. “It’s better to feel fat than look sick,” she says.

She seems to have a thing for snakes.

#TaylorIsASnake trended after Kim and Kanye came for T-Swift in 2016, and she used snake images herself while promoting “Reputation.” It also looks like snakes are here to stay for T-Swift… in the doc, she wears a sweater with snakes on the sleeves, and even appears to have a snake as table decor!

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