10 ‘Cheer’ Moments That Made Us Cry

The Netflix docu-series is all the rage right now, and to say it’s an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement. We wept endlessly while watching, but these are our top 10 sob-worthy moments…

Sherbs falling from the pyramid.

Watching Navarro’s star flyer fall sideways out of the pyramid formation during practice with nobody to catch her was gut wrenching, and it only got worse as Monica checked her injury and quietly told her assistants just how bad it was.

Jerry making mat, then getting pulled back off.

Jerry is the heart of the squad, so watching his elation making mat and subsequent removal was heartbreaking. We couldn’t help but shed a tear watching Jerry fold his laundry as he shared, “It didn’t really count as being on mat. I thought it did, but it didn’t.” 

La’Darius discussing his childhood.

Discovering that La’Darius’ cocky exterior stemmed from years of being bullied (and abused) in a home that didn’t understand or support who he is as a person was devastating. Knowing that his brother told him “No Marshall is gay” made our hearts sink.

Morgan talking about being abandoned.

We were crushed when Morgan revealed the reason she is so hard on herself is because she was abandoned to live alone in a trailer by her father. We can’t stop thinking about her running through fields of nothing, feeling like nobody cared about her, until her grandparents swooped in to give her the love she deserves.

Morgan Simiander during Navarro Cheer practice.

Lexi’s uncertain future.

Over the season, we watched Lexi grow closer to her teammates and learn to trust her coach. Seeing Monica advocate for Lexi was everything. The end of the documentary where she was off the squad and back home around old influences is hard to swallow. In recent interviews, she and Monica have revealed she’s back on the team, though!

Jerry and La’Darius’ friendship.

The pair are obviously close throughout the series, but we really lost it when Jerry got La’Darius to call Allie after their poor performance at show offs. “He’s teaching me to be a nicer person,” LaDarius says, as Jerry says LaDarius is teaching him to be more confident. They look up to each other!

Jerry demonstrating his stellar mat talk.

Kapena opening up the night before Daytona.

The student coach tells the cheerleaders about a night when he was on the team and in a depressive state. Kapena ran away, not knowing that the rest of the squad was desperate to find him and bring him home. “I didn’t know my family was looking for me,” he tells everyone.

The story of Jerry’s mom.

The story of Jerry’s mom giving everything to keep him in cheer, passing away suddenly from lung cancer, and his entire community rallying to support him with a GoFundMe had us sobbing. When Austin tells Jerry his mom is watching in Daytona, we broke down.

Austin’s last-minute injury.

In Daytona, Navarro was executing their routine perfectly until Austin hurt his foot, calling for a last-minute substitution. We couldn’t believe Alex was able to step up with an hour of prep, and watching Austin screaming for his teammates on the sidelines had the tears flowing.

The post-victory celebration.

Watching every member of the squad crying and hugging after doing a nearly perfect routine, despite everything they’ve been through, was cathartic. But, we don’t think anything hit us as hard as seeing La’Darius’ older brother crying as he watched his little brother’s victory on his phone.

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