A Teen’s Perfect Partner Looks Like This

Wishbone polled 100,000 teens to see what they look for in a partner and got shockingly descriptive results. Yes, everyone has his or her own taste, but we discovered several traits that are seriously hot with a majority of Gen-Zers right now. We can think of one celebrity who just may check all the right boxes… can you guess who it is before the end of this article?


Unsurprisingly, an endearing smile is everything. But, warm eyes are crucial too. 52% of teens surveyed said they first notice a potential partner’s smile, while 48% agreed they first focus on eyes. Teens also appreciate a clean-shaven, more manicured look. In a male partner, teens prefer short hair over a longer mane and a close shave over stubble or a beard. Lastly, teens find dimples extraordinarily attractive… more teens would choose a partner with dimples than one with glasses or an accent (gasp!).


Gen-Zers desire an adventure-seeking partner with a brainy side. A thirst for new experiences takes priority over an interest in style for a large majority of teens (82%). This demo also looks for someone smart – they would rather date an engineer or doctor than a YouTuber by a large margin (phew!). Additionally, caring about animals is important. Like, really important. More important than being a good kisser, in fact!


Vulnerability is in! Showing emotion and interest in a partner is prized by teens. 57% are into PDA, and more teens would rather receive a thoughtful text from a partner than food, jewelry, or fancy dates. Most teens are looking for someone who’s interested in sharing laidback one-on-one time with them.

This breakdown has pretty much confirmed that Harry Styles is the perfect man… Dimples? Check. Smile? Check. Warm eyes and well-groomed? Check, check? Vulnerable? CHECK. It’s a lot to take in.

Who is your perfect partner? Leave a comment below and we’ll see if our suspicions are correct.

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