A Guide To The Trendiest Tattoos

A few months ago, Wishbone discovered that 60% of teens find tattoos attractive on a partner. Tattooing as a form of self-expression is super popular right now, but are all tattoos created equal?

There’s the cover-my-entire-body vibe that Justin Bieber embodies, the lots-of-tiny-little-things Miley wears so well, and the is-it-even-there ink style Hailey Bieber rocks. What’s cool? Does it matter? Are all tattoos hot?

We surveyed 20,000 Wishbone users to get the scoop. Here’s what we discovered about the trendiest tattoos…

Small Tattoos: In

The biggest discovery we made is that dainty, tiny tats are the trendiest among the young female demographic. Think Dove Cameron and Hailey Bieber.

Full Body Coverage: Out

Teens prefer lots of small tattoos spread over the body to massive tattoos completely covering an area. A majority of surveyed teens appreciate Cody Simpson’s tattoo placement over Justin Bieber’s all-out ink.

Face Tattoos: Out

An overwhelming majority of users surveyed (91%) agreed that face tattoos are not the move. Teens even disapprove of Post Malone’s iconic face ink! A majority preferred his pre-tattoo look to his current my-face-is-my-canvas look. If Post Malone can’t even pull off the face tattoo look, we’ll stay far, far away from them.

Partner Ink: Out

Only 31% of teens surveyed answered that they would get their partner’s initials tattooed onto their body. Parents everywhere are rejoicing.

Word Tattoos: In

Teens prefer the idea of getting words permanently inked over images. Selena Gomez’s new “Rare” tattoo is a fan favorite. Who wants to get a “Wishone” tattoo with us?!

Colored Tattoos: In

When asked to decide between black-and-white or colored tattoos, teens were pretty split. But, colored tattoos earned 56% of the vote and took the cake.

Fan Favorites

Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Hailey Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna earned major props from our voters for their artistic ink. Which celebrity do you think has the hottest tattoos? Let’s get the debate going in the comments!

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