How Influencers Can Be Toxic

Find out why following them may not be healthy for you + and how to keep your sanity in today’s influencer-obsessed culture.

They make us think we need more

When we constantly flip through Instagram images of influencers wearing designer clothes and looking super happy, we are tricked into thinking these things are the key to living a better life.

They provide unrealistic body expectations

Newsflash: almost every single influencer you are following alters their photos in some way. Because of this, we spend hours looking at these photos thinking we too can achieve the unachievable. Be proud of the natural you!

They promote unhealthy products

Since some influencers are simply in it for the paycheck, we may be falling prey to some not so great products they promote. All of the diet teas and supplements can be seriously hard on our bodies. Make sure you do research before buying into something someone online told you works!

They make us feel inadequate

Comparing oneself to influencers on social media, generally only makes us feel bad about ourselves. We end up feeling like we can never be as happy as the people we see living their best lives on the Internet. We have to remember that their posts are designed to make us want more – so don’t be fooled!

It is unhealthy for them

Not only does staring at seemingly perfect people take a toll on us, it really affects influencers negatively too. They end up being slaves to their phones and are constantly trying to keep up with everyone else in the game. This ends up taking a serious toll on the mental health of influencers.

They put themselves at risk

Because influencers constantly feel pressure to outdo one another, they sometimes put themselves at risk to get the perfect shot. Whether they are dangling their legs off the edge of a high cliff or leaning out of a moving train, they will do unsafe things for content. Do not try at home!

They take a toll on our bank account

Turns out all of those swipe ups really add up. The more we buy into the images we see, the more we literally buy the things influencers are selling. They aren’t paid the big bucks for no reason! Falling victim to their advertisements can really put a dent in your bank account.

They can cause anxiety and depression

Looking at influencers all the time makes us more susceptible to anxiety and depression. One leading psychologist says that when young people are unsure of their identities and look to online influencers, they can become confused about knowing what they really like and disconnect from reality. 

They undergo dangerous procedures

Unfortunately some influencers get so wrapped up in their image that they undergo surgery to make themselves look different. Not only do most of them not need it, but any surgery is dangerous! We aren’t judging them for it, but want everyone to stay safe.

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