Gen-Z Dating: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Today’s culture of ghosting, kitten-fishing, and zombieing can make dating quite the feat! We asked hundreds of thousands of Gen-Zers what’s hot and not in the dating world, and here’s what we found…

What’s Hot

  • Being kind
    69% of people surveyed would rather date someone who is kind than someone who is strong, rich, or intelligent. 
  • Embracing vulnerability
    68% of Gen-Zers want to date someone who is straightforward in their feelings. 
  • Venturing outdoors
    A majority of teens want to get to know someone while doing something active, like taking a hike. 82% prioritize dating someone who is adventurous. 
  • Getting inked
    Tattoos are super hot right now. A majority of teens find tattoos attractive.

What’s Not

  • Buying material items
    This holiday season, invest in an experience as a gift! 97% of people surveyed would rather receive an experience than a physical gift from a significant other. 
  • Playing mind games
    No thanks! 76% of people want to date someone who texts back and lets them know how they feel. Waiting a while to respond is out. 
  • Serial flirting
    65% of Gen-Zers would actually rather date someone clingy than someone who flirts with other people. 
  • Dating long distance
    61% of teens choose being single over dating in a long distance relationship.

We also found that 61% of people have never been cuffed during cuffing season. Don’t feel a need to look for a relationship if you’re happy on your own! There is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your inner Lizzo and giving yourself all the love this holiday season.

And if you’re looking for love, remember to be kind, be honest, and be yourself!

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