8 Viral Beauty Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

These hacks will totally revamp your daily routine… You can thank us later.

Lipstick Like A Pro

Avoid the mess by using a Q-Tip to apply lipstick in one try without smudging all over the place!

Smooth Legs For Days

Suffering from a dull razor and in a rush? Take a pair of old jeans and run your razor along them until it’s looking as good as new!

Master The Cat Eye

With just a floss stick, you could be rocking a winged eyeliner! Simply paint over the string with a liquid liner and use it to guide you into creating the perfect look.

Curl Like A Pro

Blowing hot air on your eyelash curler will help your lashes curl easier and stay curled longer! Just make sure to wait for the curler to cool off a little before curling.

Pop Of Color

Want to make your eyeshadow really pop? Cover your entire eyelid with the white eye pencil and then top your eyeshadow over it.

Perk Up Your Mascara

When your fav mascara dries up way too soon, don’t stress! Revive it by adding saline solution.

Hair So Sleek

Get rid of those flyaway hairs stat! Grab a toothbrush and cover it in hairspray. Then, comb through to tame those fly-away hairs.

Dark Circles No More

Cover dark circles by applying your concealer in a triangle. It will brighten up your face and draw all the attention to your eyes!

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