8 Of Your Favorite Celebs Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

Note to self: start a new skincare routine like… now.

Miley Cyrus

While we’ve certainly witnessed many diverse looks from Miley throughout her career, we hadn’t seen this no makeup look from her before. We like it a lot! Can you say relatable?

Zendaya Coleman

We’re confused about this one… why does she even wear makeup? Zendaya proves she looks incredible with or without makeup in this selfie. BRB, googling her skincare routine…

Kylie Jenner

Whoa! We aren’t used to such a natural look from Kylie. Perhaps she gave her glam team a day-off while vacationing in Italy? Whatever the reason for her look, we dig it!

Cardi B

We’re used to seeing Cardi pulling off an insane look. We also love how unafraid she is to show her real self on camera to fans. This photo is the perfect example of her natural look. She slays!

Bella Thorne

This post by Bella surprised and inspired us! In it, Bella explains that it’s normal to have acne, and she shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. We agree!

Chrissy Teigen

Honestly, we weren’t even surprised when John Legend posted this photo of his wife with the caption: “no filter necessary.” He’s right – she’s beautiful with or without makeup and edits!

Kim Kardashian

Kim has been open about her struggle with psoriasis and shared its effects on her skin with her followers by posting this photo. We love her honesty and realness – her struggle is so relatable!

Camila Mendes

While Veronica Lodge wouldn’t be caught dead looking this makeup-free, Camila totally rocks this look. It’s for People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue, and we agree – Camila tops the list!

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