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The video gaming industry has continued to flourish each year and teens are a large part of its audience. With so many gaming options out there, how can players decide which games, consoles and type of gaming they love best?

With the highly anticipated PokemonGo mobile app releasing a few short days ago, it’s been all the rage with fans young and old. Within one week of its launch the game has completely taken over mobile and video game fans

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, meaning time is running out to lock in our festive fashion for the long weekend! Known as quite possibly the most fun, summer holiday of the year, there are various ways to show your

The end of the 2015-2016 school year is quickly approaching and for a large portion of our Wishbone users, that means going off to college next year! In the spirit of having college spirit, we polled our Wishbone users on some of

Once upon a time, Chipotle Mexican Grill was the go to spot to eat fast food that didn't necessarily feel like fast food. The chain restaurant was spreading to every corner of the world while other fast food chains had their stocks declining. But

If you think Coachella is all about the music then you're clearly mistaken. Fashion took the front seat this year in Indio and set the standard of what's in store for summer 2016. Here's a guide with the help of

Celebrities took Coachella fashion to another level this year and influenced the next up-and-coming trends in a matter of a weekend. Some stars followed the classic bohemian style that Coachella is known for while others pushed the boundaries to create a

Each Kardashian and Jenner sister has their own successful career, breaking records left and right. But lately, the media has been comparing Kim Kardashian with youngest sister Kylie Jenner. Kylie is slowly stealing the limelight from Kim with her sold out lip kits,

Spring has arrived! This year the fashion trends are endless, whether you’re feeling Boho, 90’s grunge or preppy in pastel. For fashionistas curious about what trends are blazing this season, now there’s a true on-the-ground temperature check from an everyday

Spring is in bloom which means it's time to rearrange our closets to follow the latest trends. Wishbone App users have made life easier by picking out which trends are making it to the new season and which trends are being left

Wishbone App users shouldn't be taken lightly as they're keeping a watchful eye on the 2016 presidential election. And one thing that they've clearly got an opinion on is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He's popular with users, earning 45,000 comparisons

The Wishbone App is all about split second decisions. Do you like A or B? Would you rather do this or that? And sometimes we know exactly what we want. And other times we boil inside when we have to

It's yet another month of hearts and roses with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Lovers are hastily looking for the perfect presents or trying to lockdown those dinner reservations. Love is truly in the air. In other words, it's a tough time to

Super Bowl 50 is here! One of the biggest match-ups in sports is this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. But the teams aren't the only things up against each other. We've made our Wishbone users choose between a

In the past year, pop sensation Justin Bieber had vowed Bieber-haters struck by Bieber Fever. It's an epidemic. First, he hit us with his transition from that boy who looked like Ellen Degeneres to the handsome man sporting the tattoos in the Calvin

With tech changing so rapidly, it's hard to keep up with which trends are sticking and which are fading. One mobile app that seems to have really made its mark in 2015 is Snapchat. After multiple new features added and a

While a number of female celebrities may be talented and beautiful, only a select few are seen as inspirational. With the help of the Wishbone community, we have created the ultimate #WCW list with all the female Hollywood stars of

Every Man Crush Monday has lead to this defining moment. Every tweet about the hot male celeb you dreamed was Mr. Right, or hoped would at least like your #MCM Instagram post, was not done in vain. It was all

Flash tats, top nots and Ray Ban's. These are just a few of our fashion favorites! Looking back at 365 days of fleekness, we polled our Wishbone users to debate on the trendiest topics of 2015. Do you agree on

The year is coming to a close and what better way to look back on 2015 than by reliving the biggest and juiciest celeb feuds of the year! Wishbone polled over 300,000 of our users to choose sides on the

On Thanksgiving day we reflect on all the love and family that we are thankful for, but once midnight hits our thanks goes to hot items for cheap prices. Shopping on Black Friday is no joke. It requires thoughtful planning

One of the most exciting nights in music is just a little under a week and a half away! The 2015 American Music Awards, hosted by the fabulous Jennifer Lopez, will air live on Sunday, November 22 at 8:00 PM ET on ABC.

Voters on the Wishbone app had to make the ultimate decision and pick which pumpkin flavored product sounded less stomach-churning. You’ll never believe some of the items on this list!

The Halloween season can be an indecisive time for most. You may have to decide whether to go for an all out scary look or something a little more risqué. Wishbone users have made deciding your Halloween outfit that much