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How Different Is The Opposite Sex? Dating According To Millennials

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Trying to understand the opposite sex only leads to confusion and headaches. 

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But the Wishbone and Slingshot voters are here to help! 

Both apps allow users to vote on polls of various topics with Wishbone voters being predominately female and Slingshot voters being predominantly male. Each were asked a series of questions on dating and the results of girls vs. guys are shocking!

Dating Rules:

Who should pay on a first date?

Men: 87% think they should pay whereas 13% think ladies need to step up to bat.


Women: 91% say men should pull out their wallet while 9% volunteer as tribute to grab the check.


Some traditions are simply hard to break. So if you want a second date, fellas, you can’t be stingy! 

Split or Pay the whole bill?

Men: 80% say they’d pay for the whole bill while 20% think they should split.

Women: 40% think one party should pay while 60% think they should split.


The girls are all about going Dutch but guys gotta keep their ego intact, making most guys in favor of paying the bill entirely themselves. 

Worst first date topic: Religion or Politics?

Men: 52% say religion while 48% think politics.


Women: 48% think religion while 52% think politics.


Men and women are split on which topic is worse but the numbers prove that both are a no-no topic along with talking about exes and your secret obsession with Taylor Swift. 

Who should call after the first date?

Men: 69% think they should call after the first date whereas 31% think the woman should.


Women: 62% think the men should call whereas 38% of women think they should call themselves.


The majority of both men and women think it’s up to the guy to initiate conversation after the first date. So for God’s sake, guys, pick up that phone! 

Kiss on a first date: Yes or No?

Men: 68% say yes and 32% say no.

Women: 51% say yes and 49% say no.

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The guys are very eager for that first lip lock and most women agree. A little smooch never hurt nobody!

Adventurous Dates or Romantic Dinner Dates?  

Men: 54% say dinner dates and 46% say adventurous dates.

Women: 66% want adventurous dates and 34% want romantic dates.

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Men, take notes. Women want adventure to make sure everyone on Instagram knows they’re relationship goals!

Turn Ons & Offs: 

What do guys think is a turn on…women who know about sports or cars?

Men: 69% want a woman that knows about sports over 31% who get turned on by a woman who knows about cars.

Women: 78% say they know more about sports than they do about cars with only 22% knowing about cars. 


These results work in most ladies favor! All they need to do is rock their man’s favorite jersey to win their heart!

Macho men or sensitive men?

Men: 52% consider themselves to be sensitive, whereas 48% say they’re a macho, macho man!

Women: 60% prefer men who are more in touch with their feelings but 40% prefer the macho man.


Holla at them boys that can talk about their emotions and leave the macho guy persona at the door!

Bigger Turnoff: Overconfident or Insecurity?

Men: 60% say overconfidence is worse and 40% think insecurity is worse.

Women: 78% say overconfidence is worse and  22% think insecurity is worse.

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Shy can be endearing. Cocky is just plain annoying. 

Values/Physical Appearance: 

What’s more important…Career or Marriage?

Men:  52% prefer marriage over career. Leaving 48% with priorities in the workplace.


Women: 61% say marriage whereas 39% say career.


Surprise, surprise. It’s not just women that value marriage over a career!

Money or Love?

Men: 67% prefer love over 33% that prefer money. 

Women: 84% prefer love over 16% that prefer money.

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Clearly love is important to both sexes, but more women have it as a priority. 

Would you rather be intelligent or good looking?

Men: 68% prefer good looks over 32% who prefer intelligence.


Women: 52% prefer intelligence over 48% who prefer beauty.


Whoa! This one’s a shocker! It’s the majority of men, not women, who would rather have model looks as opposed to a quick mind. 

What do you look for more in a partner: Beauty or Brains?

Men: 62% prefer intelligence in a women over 38% that prefer looks.


Women: 36% look for a man with smarts while 64% look for a man with good looks.


And here’s another plot twist! Men would rather look good yet prefer a woman with intelligence, where as women would rather be intelligent but look for a man with good looks. 

Conservative or Sexy?

Men: A whopping 83% prefer women who dress sexy over 17% who prefer women who dress conservatively.

Women: 59% think it’s better to be conservative whereas 41% think it’s better to be sexy.


Apparently less is more. Less clothing that is… A vast majority of men want a girl who can play the part of a femme fatale with a mini dress and killer heels. But most women would rather leave some things to the imagination.

What’s more attractive face or body?

Men: 51% say body is more important than face on a woman.

Women: 72% say face is more important than body on a man.

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Most men have their eyes on the ideal body for their lady love while the facial features come in second. Ladies, on the other hand want a man with a nice face and don’t mind the Dad Bod. This explains the obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Short or Long Hair?

Men: 96% prefer women with long hair over short hair.

Women: 79% prefer men with buzz cuts over man buns.

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Most men love a woman with long locks. But women prefer buzz cuts over man buns as they don’t want their man borrowing their scrunchies! 

 Blonde or Brunette?

Men: 60% prefer brunette women over 40% that prefer blonde.


Women: 69% prefer brunette hair on men whereas 31% of women prefer blondes.


Blondes may have more fun, but both sexes agree that brunettes are the ones that catch their eye!