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Taylor Swift’s Transformations: Yay or Nay?


 If Taylor Swift has a change in hairstyle, a switch in arm candy or a hint of a Twitter feud, the Internet is all over it. Whether you hate or love her, she’s got your attention. Wishbone App users have a particular obsession with T-Swift and are very opinionated about how much she has changed throughout her career. See what they loved and hated in their beloved Tay-Tay’s transformations!

Country vs. Pop

She went from the innocent country princess to the pop idol who blasted every radio station. Towards the end of her country phase, her music was on the border of pop anyway so it was no surprise that she was going full mainstream pop for her next album. The big surprise was how explosive 1989 was with hit after hit. Its success established Taylor’s name in the industry. 

Curls vs. cropped

Which Taylor hair style was your favorite? Compare anything with Wishbone

The curls simply had to go to be able to adopt a more edgy and sexy persona. Along with the classic red lips her new hair style was all the rage. Some Swift fans are reminiscent of the curls though. They were much simpler times. 

BFF Goals vs. Squad Goals

Taylor and Selena or Taylor and her squad? Compare anything with Wishbone

Talk about a power couple with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift topping the charts side-by-side. But then the “Bad Blood” music video was released and Taylor started the squad goals trend. Including super models like Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner is bound to spark some jealousy in the public. But at the end of the day, it’s her true friendship with Selena that we love most.

Dating vs. Steady Boy Toy

Taylor has had her fair share of relationship drama and we were always eager to hear who would be the inspiration for her next break-up track. She snagged hotties like Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, and even playboy John Mayer. Taylor left no one out and had some musical jabs for each of them. But she surprised us all when she started seriously dating DJ Calvin Harris. They were all kinds of cute and had us believe in love in Hollywood. Sadly, that did not last as they broke up after 15 months of dating. On the bright side, the breakup might inspire Taylor’s next hit album!

Peace with Kanye vs. Nicki

Taylor Swift making peace with Kanye or Nicki? Compare anything with Wishbone

Taylor seems to get herself in sticky situations with other artists but usually manages to clear the air. Everyone sided with Taylor in the old Kanye West interrupting her speech debacle. However, not everyone was on her side when she had a Twitter tiff with Nicki Minaj . She changed that at the MTV VMA’s by making amends with both Nicki and Kanye. It was classy asf and showed how much she had grown since Kanye interrupted her speech. 

Taylor vs. Kanye: Round a Billion

But then Kanye had to beat a dead horse with inappropriate lyrics in his song “Famous” on the album The Life of Pablo by stating he was the reason Taylor Swift was famous. Not amused, Taylor showed off her class once again by clapping back on people trying to take credit for other’s achievments in her Grammy acceptance speech. This was one battle she was finally winning. 

Swift vs. Treadmill

Taylor vs. treadmill? Compare anything with Wishbone

It was a big surprise to see Taylor in an Apple Music commercial when not too long ago she was hating on the company for refusing compensation for artist’s royalties during its three-month free trial period. The commercial was a great PR stunt on Apple Music’s part and it was pretty funny to see Taylor in all her awkward glory. And even though Wishbone users love her, a lot of them were still rooting for the treadmill. 

Grammy’s vs. The MET

She did cause a bit of a stir at the Grammy’s for cutting her hair even shorter and throwing in some bangs but we could go for it. But Tay seems to be working a grunge phase with her bleach blonde hair at Coachella. She threw another curve ball by appearing at the MET Gala in black lipstick and a very dark look. We get wanting to experiment with your appearance and all but this one blew up in her face.

Pro-vs. Anti-Bleached Hair

For real though, Taylor. We’re not digging the post-tour hair. Maybe consider a new hair stylist because the one you have isn’t doing you any favors.

Preppy vs. Grunge

And next to go was the preppy attire. It does go well with the new hair but it doesn’t really match her personality. Too dark for a girl who sings soulful lyrics like “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.”

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Whether she’s still trying to find herself or simply trying out new looks, Taylor’s transformations are cause for debate. But what remains is her true die hard fans and their love for her. With every boy and new outfit, the Swifties stay true. 

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