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The 7 Must-Have Summer Trends From Coachella

If you think Coachella is all about the music then you’re clearly mistaken. Fashion took the front seat this year in Indio and set the standard of what’s in store for summer 2016. Here’s a guide with the help of the Wishbone App on all things trending for summer fashion that was influenced by the looks from Coachella. 

1. Chokers Over Flower Crowns

Chokers or flower crowns? Compare anything with Wishbone


Taylor Swift got it right. Chokers are the new flower crowns. They’re reminiscent of the 90’s as are a lot of the trends making headway for the summer. It gives a look that added edge. You can go for a classic choker or add on a layered necklace to make your jewelry more pronounced. However you decide to wear it, make sure it’s part of your summer wardrobe.

2. Knotted Rainbows

Kylie Jenner’s rainbow or peach hair? Compare anything with Wishbone


Braids have been getting more and more popular specifically because of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Despite some criticism, they’ve each sported the look many times which has spread like wildfire in the fashion community. But Coachella style one upped the look by using braids on colored hair. Queen of Wigs Kylie Jenner did a rainbow wig with the french braid and 66% of voters were all for it. So if you’re feeling the colored hair trend, add in a few braids and you will be the hair goals of the season!

3. The Vintage Shades

Love or hate the round sunglasses trend? Compare anything with Wishbone


The round glasses are a very vintage look coming back from the 60’s hippie trends. Which goes perfectly with the Coachella vibes. These shades are everywhere now, especially the blue-tinted frames. Embrace your inner hippie by putting away the aviators and working the round sunglasses! 

4. Got Buns?

Which bun look at Coachella? Katy vs Kendall Compare anything with Wishbone


Hair buns are all the rage right now. It’s a seemingly simply look that you can use to make your look be polished or that perfect amount of messy. You can fashion these high buns with half your hair down and one or two buns at the top of your head. Or you can mimic Kendall Jenner’s look and do two high buns. Either way, you’ll be looking mega stylish.

5. Go Mono

Which bathing suit? Compare anything with Wishbone


Although Wishbone voters are all for the classic bikini look, monokinis are beginning to make a move in fashion. There are various different cuts and styles that can maintain the sexy look of a bikini but provides a more unique look. Stand out while poolside by going for the monokini. Just be careful of those tan lines!

6. Biker Chic

Which bandana look? Compare anything with Wishbone


All the hottest trend setters accessorized with bandanas at the desert concert. Such a seemingly simple accessory can pull together your look and provide some creativity. The best part is that you can use the same bandana in multiple ways like tying it up in your hair or tying it as a knot around your neck. 


Who worked the bandana and shades? Compare anything with Wishbone

Even the guys are in on the bandana trend! Josh Hutcherson’s take on the style was a clear hit over Ross Lynch’s with 88% of voters. So make sure to get various colors to match every outfit this summer!

7. Lace It Up

The lace up top or bandana trend? Compare anything with Wishbone

Between the lace-up top trend and the bandana trends, the lace top is more of a hit with 75% of votes. It’s a seemingly laid back look with the perfect amount of sex appeal. It’s great for a sunny day at the beach or a night out with the squad. Pair it up with a choker and some round sunglasses and you’ve got yourself the iconic Coachella summer look!

To make your own comparisons, be sure to get the Wishbone App!