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7 Times Coachella Celebs Stole Their Looks From Clueless


Weekend 1 of Coachella wrapped this week and of course the celebrities brought their fashion A-game. With the help of stylists, the elite superstars had perfect boho chic, punk rock or hipster ensembles making us all swoon over the fabulous fashion. There were however, a handful of A-listers whose stylists weren’t high-paid fashionistas – they instead they took a page from the movie Clueless and actually stole our friend’s Cher, Dee and Tai’s iconic looks!

We decided to put the celebs up against the classic divas to see who wore it best – check it out!

Kylie Jenner vs. Cher In A Black Tank Over White Tee

Who wore it better: Kylie or Cher? Compare anything with Wishbone

Kylie Jenner vs. Dee In The Head Scarf/Bandana Look

Vanessa Hudgens vs. Tai In Overalls With A Waist-Tied Long Sleeve

Who wore it best? Tai or Vanessa? Compare anything with Wishbone

Bella Thorne vs. Cher In a Black Sheer Top Over a White Tank

Amber Rose vs. Dee In a Long Sleeve Floral Crop Top

Ruby Rose vs. Dee In Colored Braids

Which colored braids look? Dee or Ruby Rose? Compare anything with Wishbone

Looks like the celebs actually beat out the Clueless cast in a few of the fashion face offs!

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