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Prom Polls! This Is What’s Hot & Not for Prom 2016

Prom season is here! Every girl knows that prom is the most magical night of the year so you just CANNOT afford to screw it up! With so many important decisions to make – from the style of dress, hair, nails to transportation details with your chosen squad – the weeks leading up to the big night are super important. To help the ladies make all the crucial prom decisions, we have pulled the top Wishbone prom polls which show the hottest trends going into this 2016 season! Over 140,000 voters have spoken on what’s hot & not for prom 2016. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Trendy vs. Classic Gowns

Classic prom dress or trendy two-piece? Compare anything with Wishbone

Crop tops will be everywhere this Spring and Summer months, but will they take over the Prom dance floors? Out of over 130,000 voters, the majority chose a classic one piece prom dress vs. a statement two-piece — makes sense. However, nearly half of the voters, 42%, did go with the trendy cropped look. This look is more popular than you may think. You may just catch your trendsetting Prom Queen in a crop top gown this year!

Up-dos vs. Blowouts

Up-do or blowout for prom? Compare anything with Wishbone

Deciding how to wear your locks on the big day is a huge decision. You have to incorporate your dress style, prom photos, precipitation, etc. When choosing between an up-do and a blowout, we landed on a solid tie between the two looks. Both have great benefits: the classic up-do goes great on high-neck dresses and allows for a stress-free night to get jiggy wit it without worrying about your locks. The blowout looks amazing in photos and makes you feel like a high fashion supermodel! This one is a toss up! Some good advice might be to go for a blow out and tie it up half way through the night!

Limos vs. Personal Ride?

WYR take a limo to prom or your own ride? Compare anything with Wishbone

The prom pre-party is sometimes more fun than the actual night. Getting ready with your squad, taking pics with your date and the ride to the venue is definitely a huge part of the night. When asked whether users would rather take a limo to prom vs. your own ride, the limo won by a landslide. No shocker here: limo’s are pretty rad. 14% decided it was cooler to ride on your own to prom – which also has it’s pros! This allows for more one on one time with your date, making it all the more romantic. Both options get you to the party where the real fun begins–not to mention is better than having your parents drive you!

Boyfriends vs. Best Friends

WYR take your crush or BFF to prom? Compare anything with Wishbone

Everyone get nervous about who they’re taking to prom. Should it be your crush, a friend, or go with the girls? When asked whether users would take their crush or BFFs to prom, the majority 56% chose to take their crush. Looks like everyone is looking forward to those romantic corsage and boutonniere photos! However, nearly half, 44% would rather go stag and go with the squad! They would rather not risk the night and opt for a guaranteed good time. In our option, both photos are precious.

Short vs. Long

Short prom dress or long? Compare anything with Wishbone

Back to dress styles, there are tons of options to go with when talking lengthwise. You have long, short, midi, knee-length, asymetrical, etc. For a simple lenght poll, we asked if users would rather wear a long or short dress and the majority 66% chose long. For the big night, wearing a long flowy dress might have been a girl’s dream for years. However, there are some trendy short-length dresses out today that stand out from the crowd. The stats show that about 1 in 3 girls will be in a short dress so if you’re looking to make a statement, try out a short dress and show off those legs!

Short vs. Long: Nail Edition

Long nails or short nails for prom? Compare anything with Wishbone

One of the most important accessories for prom night is your nail art. Go with long fake nails or keep them short and classic? 58% went with the short look vs. 42% who would rather spice it up with trendy talons. We’re thinking the majority of girls see the long falsie nails as too much of a commitment given they last more than just the one night. It might be easier to opt for a cute short nail with a matching color or shiny jewel to nail the look down just fine!

Black vs. White Tuxes

Black prom tux or white? Compare anything with Wishbone

Let’s talk tuxes! When asked if users would rather see black or white tuxes out on the big night, a whopping 81% said black vs. the 19% who said white. A white tux is a bold statement to say the least. Only the most confident showstoppers would rock all white! Even though it’s a risky move when factoring in stains, it’s a high probability thousands of popular prom Kings will be wearing white, sliding into their royal courts in style.

Fancy Feet: Strappy Hees vs. Pumps

Strappy heels or pumps for prom? Compare anything with Wishbone

A girl’s shoes for prom is a very important decision to be made. When asked whether users prefer strappy heels vs. pumps for prom, the majority 66% preferred strappy vs. the classic pump. Strappy heels tend to be more intricate with extra beading and designs to add additional flare. Pumps on the other hand tend to be more comfortable to dance in given the extra support. Whether you choose strappy or not, we know they’ll all just end up in your hands and you’ll end the night barefoot!

Black is The New Black?

Black prom dresses? Compare anything with Wishbone

Proms fall in the Spring time and the colors to choose from are endless! Whether it’s a bright hue or a pastel shade, there has to be some color to the gown, right? When asked whether or not black prom dresses are a yay or a nay, the majority 52% said nay. However, nearly half, 48%, gave black prom dresses a thumbs up! Black has been super hot this 2016 and it looks to slide into the Spring and Summer months, starting at prom, equally as blazing.

Do you agree with the results? Tell us down in the comments! Be sure to download and vote on your Wishbone polls to be part of our next article!