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Kim and Kylie Battle it Out on Wishbone


Each Kardashian and Jenner sister has their own successful career, breaking records left and right. But lately, the media has been comparing Kim Kardashian with youngest sister Kylie Jenner. Kylie is slowly stealing the limelight from Kim with her sold out lip kits, fashion line with sister Kendall, and growing following on Snapchat. Wishbone App users took it to the next level by comparing the two to show all the reasons why Kylie is all anyone can talk about. Check out these results!

Kim Continues to Break the Internet

Which Paper Magazine cover? Kylie vs Kim ? Compare anything with Wishbone

Kylie followed in Kim’s footsteps with a Paper Magazine cover but the Wishbone results prove that one was clearly more popular than the other. These photos broke the Internet as overnight became a trademark of Kim’s legacy.

Balmain Best

Kim vs Kylie: Balmain? Compare anything with Wishbone

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have never hidden their love for Balmain, sporting their looks on the runway and red carpet. However, it’s Kylie that knows how to work the designer as her style best matches the edgy designs.


Trenchcoat Swag

Kimvskylie : trench coat Compare anything with Wishbone

Trench coats made a big comeback in fashion and both sisters were quick to get on the trend. While Kim went for a more classic look, voters loved Kylie’s pop of color that made the look more modern and fresh.


Faux Fur Fabulous

Kimvskylie : faux fur Compare anything with Wishbone

Kim and Kylie have both rocked faux fur multiple times but it seems Kylie is the one who perfected the look. On Kylie, it’s a bold look while on Kim it seems more of a faux trend.

Dash vs. Kendall + Kylie

Kardash or kendall and kylie fashion line? Compare anything with Wishbone

The Kardashian sisters started the Dash legacy when the Jenner sisters were still struggling through math homework and curfews. But the Kendall + Kylie brand is making up for lost time as they continue to release new clothing lines, swimsuits, and makeup.

Yeezy Season 3 Part 1

Kim vs Kylie : Yeezy Compare anything with Wishbone


Kim and her family are always there to support her hubby, Kanye West, when it comes to his fashion line. Kim and Kanye sported similar tan outfits designed by Yeezy in preparation for his big debut. Honestly, both outfits make the stars look like their wearing expensive body suits. But voters think Kylie is the one that managed to make the ensemble work.

Yeezy Season 3 Part 2

Kim vs Kylie: Yeezy Season 3? Compare anything with Wishbone

The sisters looked way more glam wearing the Yeezy line at Kanye’s fashion show. Kim was meant to win this war as the best dressed sister seeing as her husband’s the designer. But Kylie looked cool yet chic in a way that spoke to voters more than Kim’s plunging neckline and blonde locks did.

Short and Edgy

Kimvskylie : short hair Compare anything with Wishbone

It’s clear that voters think Kim looks better with longer hair as it matches her image more. However, we are used to seeing Kylie experiment with her hair and anticipate what she’ll do to her hair next. Adding the blue tips to the choppy haircut might have looked tacky on anyone else, but Kylie looked youthful and red carpet ready.


Blonde Hair Don’t Care

Who pulls off the blonde Kylie or Kim? Compare anything with Wishbone

Once again, Kim should leave the bold hair changes to Kylie. There’s something off putting about Kim with blonde hair. But Kylie can wear a rainbow colored wig and give everyone hair goals.

King Kylie Reigns Snapchat

Follow Kylie or Kim on Snapchat? Compare anything with Wishbone

Kylie was smart to jump on the Snapchat train early which has made her one of the most followed accounts on the social media platform. And she takes it further than doing aimless selfies by creating storylines using Snapchat’s unique video filters.

Relationship Goals All Around

Kim vs Kylie: partner? Compare anything with Wishbone

Even though the Kylie and Tyga relationship had an unsettling beginning, many saw the dynamic duo as the young IT couple to be. However, Kim and Kanye dominate as a more stable power couple since the Kylie and Tyga breakup. But a lot of fans still hope there’s a future there.

App Wars

Kim’s app or Kylie’s app? Compare anything with Wishbone

Influencing the app world is another Kardashian and Jenner accomplishment on their brand. While both have proven to be successful, more people can relate to Kylie’s style and point of view.

The Better Animated Sister

Kim vs Kylie: virtual character? Compare anything with Wishbone

It’s fun to see these mega stars in cartoon form but the Kylie avatar is the clear favorite. Those blue tips and big lips somehow makes everyone jealous of an animation!

With most of the votes favoring Kylie, it’s clear that Wishbone App users have declared Kylie has replaced her big sis as the leader of the Kardashian/Jenner pack. And it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon.

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To make your own Kardashian/Jenner comparisons, be sure to get the Wishbone App!

  • Kaylee April 8, 2016

    I think Kylie will win she has a better taste in fashion AND she doesn’t really get into drama and trouble like Kim does 😳

  • Kaylee April 8, 2016

    I think Kylie will win because she doesn’t really get into drama and trouble like Kim does

  • Brooklyn April 9, 2016

    I think that you are both pretty but i think i will be voting for Kim

  • Mari👏👌👍 April 13, 2016

    I would vote for Kim 100% since I’ve been hearing that Kylie is somewhat copying Kim’s fashion styles,and i like the original so Kim has my vote.Especially since Kylie recently admitted she wants to BE Kim Kardashian.