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60% Think Jojo Will Win The Bachelor


And then there were three. Things continue to heat up with this week’s “The Bachelor.” Especially now that the girls have the option of visiting the Fantasy Suite. Our last three girls are Caila, Lauren B. and Jojo and this time they’re attempting win Ben’s heart in Jamaica. The latest episode had us screaming at our TVs wondering what the hell Ben was doing. But it was Wishbone App users that gave the final vote on the key moments of the night!

Awk or nah?

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There were a lot of awkward pauses that has us watching uncomfortably as Ben and Caila’s date had them rafting through the jungle. Caila was tense and said very little which obviously was not going to help Ben decide she’s the one for him. But Wishbone voters think she managed to turn things around over dinner when she confronted why she was uncomfortable, stating she was intimidated by the fact that he’s dating two other women. Totally understandable. Caila also built up her courage and finally told Ben she loves him to which he responded with a makeout session. Things seemed to work in her favor as she got an invite to the Fantasy Suite with fireworks in the background.

Swimming with the Turtles


Next up on Ben’s agenda was a date with Lauren B. in which the couple released baby sea turtles into the ocean. The date seemed to be going very well and shows off Ben and Lauren’s chemistry. What says romance better than squirming baby sea turtles? Then, Lauren followed Caila’s move by telling Ben she loves him. But Ben responds differently this time by telling her he loves her too. Our response?

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We’re pretty sure Ben isn’t supposed to say it back as it reveals who he’ll choose in the final episode. But Lauren fans were ecstatic especially since she was also offered an invite to the Fantasy Suite and accepted. But then came Ben’s date with Jojo…

I Love You Number Two


Ben’s date with Jojo began with a helicopter ride to YS Falls where they jumped off a cliff into the waterfall and made out in the water, a go to move of Ben’s. In a voiceover he states he’s considering taking Jojo home but then when Jojo says she loves Ben, he says I love you, too. To the second girl in a row. After taking two other girls into the Fantasy Suite. We’re starting to think Ben is one shady character. 


Even Jojo was surprised by the reveal! Then, he took her to the Fantasy Suite. That’s right, all THREE girls got exclusive alone time with Ben under the sheets. Plot twist much?

The Superior Date

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While both Lauren’s and Jojo’s dates were pretty epic, Lauren took the cake once again for best date. It was more of a unique experience which added on to the romance.

WTF, Ben?!

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We seriously can’t get over the fact that Ben broke the rules twice to tell two different girls that he was in love with them. In addition to sleeping with a total of three girls. Those numbers do not make him look very genuine. But it made one thing clear.

The Tears are Real

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Another awkward encounter with Caila to end her time on “The Bachelor.” She proceeded to try and sneak up behind Ben in a sweet game of “Guess Who?” It ended in tears as Ben revealed he couldn’t say “I Love You” to her the way he did with the other girls. Caila was bitter AF as she thought she’d be getting engaged in a week. We saw this move coming but it’s still a sad departure. Obviously she feels led on after going into the Fantasy Suite with him only to be kicked off soon after. Low blow, Ben.

Is it Possible to Have Two Lady Loves?

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Ben claims that he is in love with two women and has a tough decision ahead of him. Whether this is a move suggested by the producers or Ben is in fact one confused bachelor, most voters just don’t think it’s likely to love two people at the same time. In the end, he’ll have to pick one. And we can’t wait to see who it is.

The Final Rose Goes To…

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The finale is a week away and we’re counting the days! Most voters think that Jojo will be the one to take home that final rose. Stay tuned next week to see if they’re right!

“The Bachelor” airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

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