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71% Were Happy To See Olivia Sent Home

BACHELOR IN PARADISE: AFTER PARADISE - "Episode 104" - The wait is finally over as the new Bachelor for the series' landmark 20th season was introduced live in-studio and sat down with Chris Harrison and Jenny Mollen, on ABC's after-show "Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise" on MONDAY, AUGUST 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT). "The View" co-host and comedian Michelle Collins weighed in on the most recent episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" as a celebrity panelist along with contestants Dan and Joe. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

The last episode of “The Bachelor” ended on a cliff hanger that left us anxious and confused. After many complaints from the other girls, Ben decided to speak to Olivia right before the rose ceremony began and we couldn’t believe what happened next.

Predicting the End of Olivia

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Voters last week were split on whether or not Ben would give Olivia another shot but clearly most were hoping that he’d send the craziest lady in the competition packing. Yet Ben decided to give Olivia one more shot (insert shock emoji here).


How did she convince him? By saying she didn’t relate to the other girls because they were into “painting their nails and doing each other’s hair” while she has other interests. “I wanna talk smart things.”


Sorry, Ben but how that convinced you we will never understand. Instead, it was Jen Saviano who didn’t get a rose.

Rolling in the Deep

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Up for a one-on-one date at the Bahamas for some deep sea fishing was Calia Quinn. Calia tried her darndest to be deep but ended up confusing Ben. “My greatest fear is that I can’t totally, completely fall in love with somebody. And part of me is afraid because your biggest fear is being unlovable. And my biggest fear might be breaking your heart.”

Ben found that a jumble of nonsense just like us but he admitted that it was actually attractive for him. Take notes, ladies.



Next up was the group date. Seemed like a good decision as Ben got the chance to ogle the contestants’ bikini bodies. The catch? They were attempting to feed wild pigs by the water. It was as ridiculous as it sounds and we loved every minute of it.

Date of the Week

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It’s no question, the deep sea fishing was the way to go. While being attacked by swimming pigs makes for great TV, it doesn’t really set the mood for romance.

A New Kind of Crazy on the Block


Poor Leah was jealous of all the attention the other contestants were getting and used her time with Ben to complain about it. How many times does this have to happen before the girls realize it doesn’t work in their favor? Use what little time you have to outshine the other ladies not to sabotage them! But Leah decided to talk smack on Lauren B. Which is crazy because Lauren is adorably sweet. Ben wasn’t having it and eventually confronted Leah and let her know that “something just doesn’t feel right.”

Bye Felicia

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Voters were not sorry to see Leah leave the show. We often forgot she was even there so it’s not much of a loss for us. Sorry, Leah.

The Rivals Share a Date

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Emily has not been afraid to throw all kinds of shade Olivia’s way. She rightly called Olivia out on her fake personality and straight-up crazy actions. “She’s like a bird. I don’t even give a shit.” The threesome went on a speedboat in a windstorm to then enjoy the night on the beach. Olivia continued to brag about her love for “deep intellectual things” while Emily put her heart on the line by letting Ben know exactly how she feels. This moment won us and Ben over.

That Moment When You Enjoy Someone’s Tears

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Despite claiming to love Ben since the beginning, Ben tries to let Olivia down easy by pulling her aside and letting her know he didn’t reciprocate her feelings. He then rode off into the night while leaving a crying Olivia abandoned on the island. Ouch. Most voters didn’t feel too bad for her and actually relished the moment. We’ll definitely miss her crazy stupid moments, though.

And that was not the final goodbye of the week. At the rose ceremony, it was Lauren H. that got the boot. Sorry, love, it’s not your turn for love just yet.


Only six ladies left and the proposal finale is getting closer and closer. Who do you think will get the final rose?

“The Bachelor” airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

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