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58% Hated Last Night’s Rose Ceremony

The one thing that gets us through Monday’s, the most hated day of the week, is the “The Bachelor.” And this week’s episode did not disappoint. There’s a lot of opinions going around about whose the star of the week so we took to Wishbone to get some votes and opinions.

The latest episode had contestants and The Bachelor himself going off to sin city A.K.A. Las Vegas. And things got interesting to say the least.

First Solo Date Swept Us Away

The first to get a date card was Jojo and the ladies were not happy. Ben and Jojo had a drink on a parking lot rooftop and were literally blown away by a landing helicopter. Talk about good T.V. After spinning her tale of woes about insecurities and cheating ex-boyfriends, Jojo and Ben made out as the other ladies watched in spite.


Olivia tried to hold in her crazy but she did not like Jojo all up on her man. Keep an eye out, Jojo.


Group Date: Showing off Talent or Lack Thereof

Next up was the group date at the Terry Factor Theater to spend some time with a ventriloquist. The contestants were expected to put on a talent show and win Ben’s love with some killer skills. Not many succeeded.

The twins went for an Irish dance because nothing screams sexy like a good jig. Lauren H. donned an unflattering chicken suit while Jubilee played the cello because she’s classy AF (props girl). But there is no other like Olivia. She went for the showgirl costume and popped out of a cake trying her best to be sexy.


So Bad We Can’t Look Away

FullSizeRender_6    FullSizeRender_7

Voters agree, as do Ben’s facial expressions, that the show was a flop. Nothing like some misplaced confidence to get the audience going.

The Memes or the Quotes

FullSizeRender          FullSizeRender_1

Olivia has quickly become the star of “The Bachelor” but for all the wrong reasons. Referred as the crazy one by many, Olivia has some hilarious facial expressions and quotes to go along with them which makes the Internet a funny place to be. Voters were split on which was funnier but her dim comments seem to hold favor. Sometimes her lines are so bad we have to wonder if it’s scripted. Hopefully she sticks around so we can find out.

We Hear Wedding Bells

But Ben is not the groom. Becca was next for a one-on-one date and she was gifted a wedding dress by Ben. But sadly for her, it was to help him officiate other couples’ weddings. However, the others did not seem too worried. “That’s the perfect person to wear white. If she hasn’t lost her virginity in 26 years, it’s not going to happen in six hours. Just saying.” Wise words, Jubilee.

Afterwards, Ben and Becca went to the Neon Museum and exchanged dating vows which made for a weird date.

The Feels Are Nonexistent

FullSizeRender_2          FullSizeRender_3

There was something off with the entire date and had most of us skeptical about Becca. At this point, the most interesting thing about her is that she’s a virgin.

Double Trouble

The date with the twins had the be one of the most awkward and weird moment of “The Bachelor.” Ben took out both Haley and Emily to get to know them better in their own hometown.

Ben then dropped the news that he would be eliminating one of the girls while at their house and in front of their mother. In the end, it’s Haley who is told she won’t be making it to another round of “The Bachelor.” Haley began to cry as her mother comforted her but her twin wasn’t phased. Cue ill-timed make out scene. Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down. We asked voters which part of the whole twin drama was worse.

The Preferred Embarrassing Moment

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Voters were pretty split since both are incredibly awful. But having mom watch a boy choose your twin over you is clearly worse. Things may never be the same for Haley and Emily.

Final Rose of the Week

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Some voters watch the rose ceremony on the edge of their seat hoping their favorite girl will make another round. Yet most just enjoy to see the ladies squirm in their heels and don’t care much about the outcome.

This week, the ladies without roses were Becca (no surprise there) and Rachael who was one of the only ladies who didn’t get a kiss. Poor Rachel. But more importantly? Poor Ben. He’s stuck with Olivia for another round. Surely a choice made by producers because he did not look amused when giving her that flower.

“The Bachelor” airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

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