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67% Say They Are New Beliebers!

In the past year, pop sensation Justin Bieber had vowed Bieber-haters struck by Bieber Fever. It’s an epidemic.

First, he hit us with his transition from that boy who looked like Ellen Degeneres to the handsome man sporting the tattoos in the Calvin Klein ads.
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Then, he side-tracked us with the hilarious yet humbling speech on his Comedy Central Roast that had us forgiving him for his past antics.

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And finally, he threw a curve ball by making the greatest album of his career that gained new followers who were above the age of fourteen.

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The Wishbone App has an exclusive track of when Justin Bieber won back the public’s favor.

The amount of cards used to compare Justin Bieber had a 69% increase on the Wishbone App after the release of the song “Where Are Ü Now” on Feb. 27, 2015. He had another 115% increase of Wishbone cards created after the release of his hit track “What Do You Mean” on Aug. 28, 2015. In total, Wishbone saw a 262% increase in cards created since before Feb 27. That’s quite a leap!


To top it off, Bieber won 65% of his comparisons for 100 cards that had over 100,000 votes beating heart throbs like Harry Styles and Justin Timberlake! We’ve included some of JB’s biggest wins on Wishbone below – check it out!

67% Of Teens Are Newly Converted Beliebers

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Can you believe the amount of NEW fans??? 67% have jumped on the Bieber bandwagon. This proves that a lot of his fans are new and are loving his more mature sound and image. He might have had a huge following before but now it’s bigger and more diverse than ever.

Bieber Wins #ShipGoals

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Even if fans prefer Justin and Selena together they can’t help but support him and whoever he decides to date. The Instagram shots of him with his latest bae, Hailey Baldwin, are the couple goals that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner could only hope to be!

One Direction Who?

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Bow down, One Directioners. The album “Purpose” beat “Made in the A.M.” with Wishbone voters, many of whom happen to be die hard One Direction fans. Never again can we doubt his power. Bieber’s main purpose this year was to have us all judge ourselves for our inability to hate him like we once did. There’s no going back now.

Meet & Greet Battle

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It was a close call with nearly 50% of voters wanting the chance to see all that Bieber swag in person. The only experience that would trump that is meeting the Jenner sisters. Seeing both fashion icons at once is a choice not even Bieber could judge us for.

Bow Down, Beyoncé!

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Queen B has been dethroned! And yes ladies and gentleman, this is real life. It really comes to show how far Bieber has come that he is capable of winning 56% of votes over Beyoncé herself. But as Bey says, “Slay trick, or you get eliminated.” And Bieber clearly came to slay.

Bieber Fever Going Strong

At the end of the day we’re eager to see what that boy, nay, man does next. Here’s to another epic year questioning our love for Justin Bieber!


To see how people voted, check out the Wishbone App!