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App Wars: 42% Use Snapchat More Than Instagram

With tech changing so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up with which trends are sticking and which are fading. One mobile app that seems to have really made its mark in 2015 is Snapchat. After multiple new features added and a spike in users, could Snapchat be on its way to beat out Instagram?

Wishbone polled over 300,000 of its users to spill about Snapchat. So let’s dive in and take a look at…

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1. Which do you use more: Instagram or Snapchat?

Wishbone - Instagram Snapchat Question      Wishbone- Snapshot vs Instagram

When asked which social media platform they used more, nearly 50% of those surveyed (42%) said they use Snapchat more than Instagram. Up until now Instagram has been the leading social go-to behind Facebook but it looks like Snapchat is catching up fast! With the latest interactive filters, discovery feature and famous celeb users it’s easy to see why they’ve gained so much attention.

2. Do you prefer Snapchat messaging vs. Text messaging?

..Wishbone - Snapchat vs Chat      Wishbone - Snapchat vs Chat2

3. Do you prefer to share your videos on Snapchat or Vine?

In summer 2014 Snapchat introduced a chat feature allowing users to start separate side convos amidst the picture and video communication. This function works similar to their photos and videos in which it disappears after a certain time. Since it’s launch, Snapchat chat has been tremendously successful where nearly 1 in 3 people (28% of those polled) would prefer a disappearing Snapchat text to normal text messaging!

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Vine, a popular video sharing app that burst onto the scene in 2013, swept the year 2014 by storm. Looping videos were everywhere! But now going into 2016, how do teens feel about Vine compared to their new love Snapchat? When asked whether they share their videos on Vine or Snapchat, 72% said Snapchat, leaving less than 30% to Vine. We’re not sure why the sudden switch over but our guess is it has something to do with the disappearing functionality of Snapchat? But do all users love that function?

4. Do you like that Snapchat disappear’s in 24 hours?

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One of the biggest appeal’s of Snapchat is it’s 24-hour disappearing functionality. However, some don’t really feel the disappearing act! When asked, 65% said they do NOT like that Snapchat’s disappear over 24 hours vs. 35% that said they do.

5. New Features: Do you ever watch Snapchat Discover or pay for the filters?

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In 2015 Snapchat beefed up their new features by including new partnerships and new content in their Discover feature, as well as introducing super cool face filters! However, the Discover section was sort of an after-thought and (some) of the filters were no longer free. According to our Wishbone poll, 63% said they never watch Snapchat’s Discover content (vs. the 37% that do) and a whopping 91% said they have never purchased a filter on Snapchat.

6. Have you ever screenshotted on Snapchat?

.Wishbone- Snapchat Screenshot Question        Wishbone - Snapchat ScreenShotted

Everyone knows Snapchat’s don’t really disappear! Sometimes our peers or (or even so-called friends!) screenshot Snaps making the playing field safe for no one! When polled, 50% have actually admitted to screenshotting someone’s Snapchat.