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All Hail The Failures and Glories of the “American Idol” Premiere


It’s another season of “American Idol” and we can’t believed we survived so long without seeing Ryan Seacrest’s handsome face as he meets hopeful stars across the nation. It was a bittersweet premiere as this is the fifteenth and final season of “American Idol.” So we decided to join forces with Wishbone users to enjoy the experience together by picking our favorite aspects of the show.

All hail the fails

Wishbone voters themselves indicated they the enjoy the “American Idol” auditions more than the finales. There’s something about watching people fail on live television that brings joy to all. And those moments when you hear about someone’s passion for music before they belt out a number that brings you to tears; simply perfection.

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Weigh in on Past Hosts

Now there were some alterations made to the judges once again and it seems to be a good fit for the moment. Many were skeptical about past judges that were chosen for singing TV show competitions. Britney Spears wasn’t very popular on “The X Factor” – for the whole lack of talent thing – while many viewers didn’t enjoy Mariah Carey on “American Idol” – for the whole diva thing. But of the two, Mariah was the clear favorite. Hearing her give advice to potential stars made more sense seeing she actually has talent and all.

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The Alum or The New Guy?

There’s a reason country musician Keith Urban was invited back to judge the show as he is a talented figure in his genre and is a likable character. New to the judging panel is Harry Connick Jr. While some were skeptical about his role on the show, Wishbone voters are definitely warming up to him. But between the two, voters can’t help but go to Keith out of familiarity. That can easily change as the season goes on.

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JLO For Always

There’s not much issue with recurring judge Jennifer Lopez as most enjoy her sunny personality and many wardrobe changes throughout the series. As sad as it is to see “American Idol” go, at least they’re ending strong with a great judging panel.

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Star Contestant: Shelbie Z.

One of the star performers of the season premiere was Southern rock and country singer Shelbie Z. She had previously auditioned for “The Voice” in 2013 and landed on Blake Shelton’s team. When that didn’t play out, she decided to try her luck with “American Idol.”

She won over the judges with her rendition of Carrie Underwood’s hit “Last Name.” The lovable singer was praised by all three judges and got the Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Star Contestant: Lee Jean Jr.

Another star of the night was 16-year-old Lee Jean Jr. The self-taught singer and guitarist used music to get him through his brother’s death in 2012 and his passion for singing was evident. His version of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” inspired judges that he had a “God-given talent.” While receiving some notes on where he can improve, the teen got his ticket to Hollywood.

The One To Beat

Wishbone voters found Lee Jean as having a better overall audition but some time with the judges can turn Shelbie Z. into a possible threat.

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The Key Figures

Overall, there were two things that kept the show going. Ryan Seacrest and his wonderful charisma and the surprise guest…Kanye West.

He came in as a hopeful rapper from Toronto looking for his moment of fame. He rapped verses of “Gold Digger” and low and behold, got a ticket to Hollywood (where he surely already has a mansion casually worth more than a couple million).


Even Kim Kardashian made a surprise appearance to cheer him on. Remember her? She’s that reality star on E! that dominated the entertainment industry in just a few years. Super low key.


But most surprising of all…Kanye West smiled. He SMILED. He NEVER smiles!


Maybe they slipped something in his coffee or maybe it was seeing Ryan Seacrest’s face that brought along the good mood. Whatever it was, Wishbone voters clearly enjoyed his guest appearance on “American Idol.”

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